Making localization easy for everyone

Greenwich is a Cocoa framework designed to make localization of Cocoa applications extremely easy for developers and translators. We've made every step of the process seamless, so you can focus on creating great software for more people. Download Now More Information


The process of localizing Cocoa applications has always been a bit of a chore. Various tools are available to facilitate localization of applications, but they all require a fair amount of work. Even when there is demand for localization, many applications are only available in one language. Greenwich is here to change that.


Developers will be delighted to find that we've built lightweight utilities that integrate directly into the Xcode build process. As you add strings to your interface files and your code, Greenwich will automatically integrate these additions into existing strings files. Since this happens every time you build your application, you'll be more cognizant of the changes that you're making. You'll only have to maintain one copy of each of your xibs per language with Greenwich, so your resource management will be greatly simplified.


Translators have a streamlined workflow that's built right into every application using Greenwich. When a user translates the application, she can simply relaunch it and see her changes in the app before sending it back to the developers. This cuts down on the back and forth between translators and developers allowing for applications to be localized better & faster. Greenwich also keeps track of what needs to be localized as applications evolve, conveniently highlighting what needs to be updated by translators. Greenwich is the fastest way to localize your applications. Greenwich Interface

Greenwich is an open source project brought to you by FadingRed.